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Mission Information
Name A Nu Mystery
Zone Zeal Palace Min Level 95
Prerequisites None
Start Location Zeal Palace Upon The Archway Overpass, Talk to Nu
XP 150,000 Fame 5

Objective 1 The poor Nu in Zeal Palace is suffering from a dreadful itch, just give him a scratch!
Objective 2 The Nu in Zeal Palace says his friend, Super-Nu, is hiding nearby. Go speak with both of the Nu in Kajar for more information.
Objective 3 There are three elemental books in Enhasa. Opening them in the correct order will reveal Super-Nu's hiding place. If you forget the clues speak with the Nu in Kajar again.
Objective 4 Activating the last book revealed the secret entrance. The only way to find out if Super-Nu is there is to go through the 'secretbookcase' near the entrance to Enhasa.
Objective 5 Super-Nu challenged you to a fight! If you win it says it'll give you a treasure.