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Mission Information
Name All Aboard!
Zone Phantom Train Min Level 24
Prerequisites None
Start Location Phantom Train, Talk to Conductor
XP 13,500 Fame 15
Objective Find the ghost of Elayne aboard the Phantom Train and talk to her.
Objective Find the conductor on the train and talk to him.
Objective Find a silver whistle by eliminating the undead creatures aboard the Phantom Train, and play the whistle in the engine room at the front of the train.
Objective Halt the ghost train!

Board the phantom train and you'll be greeted by the conductor. He'll ask you to find Elayne, who is hiding in one of the train cars. Talk to her, then go back and talk to the conductor. He'll ask you to get a silver train whistle off one of the ghosts, however if you've already gotten one from previous farming you can use that. Blow the whistle at the engine room to fight the phantom train, and once the fight is over you will receive your reward.