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Breath is life, and its cessation means imminent death. Few know this more intimately than an Assassin. Assassins' magical abilities begin with complex sigils drawn in the air with their hands, but the sigils are consummated and powered by the exhalation of their breath. An experienced Assassin maintains the balance of breath required for its physical exertion and its spells, knowing that a mistake could mean its next breath will be its last.

Assassin is an agility-based job. Assassins combine powerful elemental jutsu and status effects with physical strikes to dispatch their foes quickly.

Each of an Assassin's jutsu generate an elemental Veil, which can be consumed by another jutsu to inflict a status effect, or by Shadow Strike to unleash additional damage potential.

Using the Jutsu in the order listed below will cause them to attempt to inflict status effects. For example: Doton followed by Raiton will lower the target's defenses. Huton followed by Doton will attempt to Slow the target. A full status-inflicting rotation would look something like:

Doton -> Raiton -> Suiton -> Katon -> Hyoton -> Huton -> Doton

Using them in the reverse order and using Shadow Strike after each Jutsu will allow the player to deal additional damage. For example: Suiton followed by Shadow Strike will cause Shadow Strike to deal additional water damage and will amplify the damage of the following Raiton. After using the amplified Raiton another Shadow Strike will deal additional lightning damage and will amplify the damage of Doton. A full damage-oriented rotation would look something like:

Huton -> Shadow Strike (SS) -> Hyoton -> SS -> Katon -> SS -> Suiton -> SS -> Raiton -> SS -> Doton -> SS -> Huton

Command subdue Requirements


Assassin Abilities (subdue)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Doton 200 Deals agility-based magical earth damage and grants Earth Veil.
If affected by Huton's Wind Veil, it will attempt to Slow the target.
Raiton 200 Deals agility-based magical lightning damage and grants Bolt Veil.
If affected by Doton's Earth Veil, Raiton will lower the target's offenses.
Suiton 200 Deals agility-based magical water damage and grants Water Veil.
If affected by Raiton's Bolt Veil, Suiton will attempt to Poison the target.
Katon 200 Deals agility-based magical fire damage and grants Fire Veil.
If affected by Suiton's Water Veil, Katon will lower the target's defenses.
Hyoton 200 Deals agility-based magical ice damage and grants Ice Veil.
If affected by Katon's Fire Veil, Hyoton will attempt to Paralyze the target.
Huton 200 Deals agility-based magical wind damage and grants Wind Veil.
If affected by Hyoton's Ice Veil, Huton will attempt to Silence the target.
Shadow Strike 500 Deals physical damage and consumes all Veils to deal additional elemental damage.
Consuming a Veil with Shadow Strike will amplify the damage of another one of Assassin's Jutsus.
Dark Seal 1000 12 Causes the next status effect inflicted by one of the Assassin's Jutsus to have increased duration and hit all engaged enemies.
Ultima Master 2000 16 Deals massive physical damage.
Counter Abilities
Shadow Fang 500 Counters with agility-based magical dark damage with a chance to inflict HP Leak.
Inherent Abilities
Equilibrium 500 Equilibrium increases physical and magical attack power.
Passive Abilities
Jutsu Mastery 800 Jutsu Mastery increases the damage of Jutsu: Doton, Huton, Hyoton, Katon, Raiton, and Suiton.
Veiled Intent 800 Increases the accuracy of status effects inflicted when utilizing Assassin's Veils.
Nightblade 400 Increases the damage of amplified Jutsu when striking at an elemental weakness.
Hawk's Eye 5000 10 Successful kills grant a bonus to critical hit chance. Further kills while under this bonus have a chance to restore some HP/MP.
Ague 600 14 Causes Assassin's status effects to deal additional elemental damage on expiration.