Asterisks are gemstones which, when activated, grant the user 20,000 AP in a specific job.

To obtain an Asterisk, you must defeat an Asterisk Bearer. These bosses can be fought in the Wonder Square of the Gold Saucer. To fight one of them, you must obtain a Rat Tail and trade it to the Bahamut Fortune Telling Machine in Wonder Square. This will open up a room to a random Asterisk Bearer which persists after reboots, giving you the opportunity to attempt the fight again at a higher level. You can only earn each Asterisk Bearer's reward once. They are level 100 and can be fought around level 80 if you're prepared, but be warned that a death will result in experience loss unlike matches in the Battle Arena.

Rat Tails can be found in the Deep Dungeon, or bought from Yuffie in the Speed Square of the Gold Saucer. Yuffie will only sell you one Rat Tail per reboot.

Also, please note that these are solo fights, and you will not be able to form a group to defeat them.

Available AsterisksEdit

Job Boss
Animist Wil Knights
Archer Fran
Assassin Hawkeye
Bard Edward
Blue MageQuistis
Caller Yuna
Chemist Rikku
Cleric Minwu
Dancer Penelo
Dark Knight Cecil
Dragoon Kain
Engineer Cid
Geomancer Mog
Holy Knight Cecil
Knight Steiner
Magitek Knight Terra
Marksman Emelia
Mediator Daravon
Monk Yang
Mutant Curtis
Mystic Knight Kurasame
Ninja Edge
Oracle Serah
Priest Aeris
Red Mage Palom & Porom
Samurai Auron
Soldier Angeal
Sorcerer Edea
Squire Ramza
Swordsman Crono
Temple Knight Beowulf
Thief Zidane
Time Mage Gaspar
Trainer Krile
Wizard Vivi