Ability Bat
Job: Trainer
Base AP cost: 200
Reqs: Unique Job Unlock
Usage: use control bat [at target]

  Target: Self
  Level Effect: Increases Damage
  Unleash: Blood Suck

  Summons a Bat to aid you in combat. Each round, while in combat, your Bat will attempt to use one of several abilities:

  Claw: Your Bat dives at and claws an enemy.
    * Target: One Enemy
    * Stat Influence: Level, Attack
  Sonic Wave: Your Bat emits waves of sound, attempting to lull engaged enemies to sleep.
    * Target: One Enemy
    * Stat Influence: Will
  Ultrasound: Your Bat screeches at all engaged enemies, harming them and preventing them from speaking for a time.
    * Target: All Engaged Enemies (Non-Diminishing)
    * Stat Influence: Level, Magic Attack, Will
  Blood Suck: Your Bat sucks the health from an enemy and transmits it to you.
    * Target: One Enemy

    * Stat Influence: Level, Magic Attack