For groups of players level 125 and up.

The Black Rabite is an extremely strong foe which can be encountered in the Rabite Fields near Potos starting at level 100, but a much higher level is recommended to defeat him.

This battle may be attempted as a group. To complete the mission that leads you to the Black Rabite, you must be within 15 levels of each-other; however, those not interested in the mission and only interested in the loot can form a group of the standard range of half to twice your level.

The Black Rabite drops a variety of extremely powerful equipment when killed. There are ten different items total; one of these is a cyborg-specific item and will not drop unless a cyborg assists with the kill. One randomly chosen item will drop to the ground, allowing the victors to decide amongst themselves who gets to keep it. The item is untradable once picked up. Be sure not to leave the room without picking up the item - you will not be allowed back in.

You may defeat the Black Rabite once per reboot.

Locations Rabite Field

Scanner Data
Desc The Black Rabite
HP 3,300,000 MP 800,000 XP 18,900,000 Level 300
C. Types Beast
Weak Holy
Resist Lightning, Magic, Fire, Dark, Ice
Immune Status_all
Absorb Drain

Items and Abilities
Drop See Below Steal None Secret Hunt None
Lore None
Abilities Ancient (Non-Elemental Magic), Fire, Ice, Lightning, Dark, Spiral Moon (Max HP Reduction), Summon Demon
Known Drops
Item Name STR AGI VIT WIS WIL LVL CY Item Type Anima
Ninja's Trump 0 425 0 80 0 0 139 Boomerang None
Armageddon 160 0 310 105 0 0 123 Knight Sword Beast
Daedalus Lance 300 0 220 0 0 0 131 Lance None
Nova Armor 150 0 275 150 250 0 142 Armor None
Escort Guard 0 0 300 200 200 0 139 Bracelet Stone
Mirage Vest 0 300 220 0 0 0 131 Clothes Water
Renewing Morion 88 0 300 0 200 0 129 Hat Water
Time Hat 0 80 0 300 200 0 129 Hat Tree
Safe Helm 265 0 210 0 152 0 132 Helm None
Moogle Board Requires 23 Mec 150 Board None