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Blue Mage
   Blue Mage is a wisdom/will based job which learns its spells from enemies. The skills have widely varying effects compared to abilities in jobs such as Wizard.

   In order to learn a spell from an enemy, you must be in the Blue Mage job, or have Learning set as your inherent ability. Most spells are obtained when an enemy casts them on you. You must survive the attack in order to learn the ability. Some of the spells are defensive; enemies will only cast these spells on themselves. In these cases, killing the enemy will cause it to drop an item which teaches you the spell.
   Frog Drop is a unique case: it is learned from eating frogs, which can appear randomly anywhere in the game.
   Lore is the primary skill set of the Blue Mage job. Lores are learned from enemies you face. To learn a lore, you must be the target of a lore skill that can be learned, and survive the attack. There are also job level requirements to learn Lore spells, so if at first you do not learn the lore, come back when you've advanced to a higher job level.
   Certain enemies use lores only on themselves. In this case, you must kill the enemy and pick up the item that it drops and use it to learn the Lore. Alternately, you can use the Blue Mage inherent skill Learning to learn Lore spells while you are in a different job, but you must still meet the job level requirement in Blue Mage.
   In addition to the locations listed, most enemies can be randomly found on the Veldt, if one is lucky. Bosses and town citizens, however, will never appear on the Veldt.

Command lore Requirements



Blue Mage Abilities (lore)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Libra 200 Scans an enemy's weaknesses.
Inherent Abilities
Learning 1000 Allows the learning of Blue Mage spells even when not currently a Blue Mage.
Passive Abilities
Lore Master 12000 Experienced Blue Mages are learned in the way of monsters and masters at using the abilities they've learned from them. Lore Master is a passive ability that improves the success rate of all of Blue Mage's spells that have a chance to inflict status ailments, as well as Laser.

Lores List
Lore Name
Initial AP Cost
Enemy Location Effect JLevel Reqs
Frog Drop
100 AP
N/A Random Deal magic damage based on how many frogs you've eaten. 1
Goblin Punch
150 AP
Goblin Deep Dungeon Deal physical damage.  Weak unless the enemy is higher level than you. 1
Black Goblin Wind Shrine
100 AP
Mold Wind Wind Shrine A weak wind spell that can be cast on a single enemy or multiple enemies. 1
Magisa North Mountain
Harpiai Kohlingen Overland
Mukare Phoenix Desert Overland
Blood Suck
350 AP
Steel Bat Pirate Lair Drain an enemy's HP, and make your next healing spell stronger. 2
Mad Bat Manolia Cathedral
Black Bat Nibelheim Mansion
Moon Flute
650 AP
Mukare Phoenix Desert Overland For two rounds, you and your allies become invincible but go berserk. 4
Mykale Bal Overland
Page 256 Library of Ancients
Magic Hammer
600 AP
Razor Weed Wutai Overland / Da-Chao Drain MP from an enemy. 6
400 AP
Page 32 Library of Ancients A medium wind spell that can be cast on a single enemy or multiple enemies. 6
Harpiai Kohlingen Overland
Magi Descendent Thamasa
Number 024 Magitek Factory
Aqua Rake
1100 AP
Chimera Crescent Overland Deal wind and water magic damage to all enemies. 8
Enuo Ancient Cave
Small Melody
1300 AP
Mukare Phoenix Desert Overland Attempts to shrink all enemies in the room. 8
Mini Magician The Veldt
1000 Needles
1000 AP
Death Machine Underwater Reactor Deal 1000 damage to an enemy, no matter what. 8
Cactrot Jidoor Overland
Treasurer Daryl's Tomb
Hedgehog Tule Overland
950 AP
Death Claw Veldt Halve an enemy's HP.  Success rate is based on your wisdom. 10
Dark Dragon Northern Crater
700 AP
Dullahan Daryl's Tomb Reflect??? targets only those enemies who have Reflect status active.  Those special few are possibly inflicted by blind, silence and slow. 10
600 AP
Jersey Nibelheim Mansion Revenge attacks with the difference of your Max HP and current HP. The damage is limited by your experience level; the damage limit of Revenge is a bit higher than Minus Strike's. 10
Imp Song
1400 AP
Touch Me Gongaga Turn all enemies into imps. 11
800 AP
Harpiai Kohlingen Overland A strong wind spell that can be cast on a single enemy or multiple enemies. 12
Elm Gigas Tule Overland
Flame Thrower
600 AP
Ark Dragon Mythril Mines A powerful blast of fire against a single foe. 12
Dragon Mt. Nibel
White Wind
2000 AP
Zemzelett Junon Overland White Wind heals all members of your party for an amount based on your current HP, and cures them of Poison, Silence, Blind, Berserk, and Sleep. 12
Peeper Solitary Island
Sprinter Jidoor Overland
Mighty Guard
1200 AP
EarthGuard Solitary Island Mighty Guard boosts your party's defense and magical defense for a time.  Higher level players will receive more defense and magic defense. 13
Step Mine
750 AP
Pug Umaro's Cave Step Mine does non-elemental damage based on the age of the caster. 14
Crawler Jidoor Overland
Master Pug Ancient Cave
Dragon Force
1200 AP
Glacier Dragon Gaea's Cliffs Dragon Force raises the Attack and Magic Attack of a target.  Higher level targets receive more Attack and Magic Attack. 14
Dark Dragon Northern Crater
1000 AP
??? ??? Self-Destruct uses your own life force to damage the enemy in a glorious ball of fire-elemental raw damage. Up to half of your current HP is expended in the explosion, and the enemy takes the same amount of damage as you. The damage is capped based on your experience level. 15
??? ???
??? ???

2500 AP

Blue Dragon Ancient Castle Rippler exchanges your status effects with those of your target. Any positive effects on the enemy are removed from it and granted to you, and any negative effects on you are removed from you and inflicted upon the enemy. Permanent statuses are not removed, but are still copied to the other individual. 18
Bad Breath
3000 AP
Mad Oscar Daryl's Tomb Bad Breath strikes an enemy with a plethora of status ailments. The enemy becomes inflicted with Poison, Blind, Slow, Silence, Sleep, Zombie, Curse, Berserk, Imp or Mini. 20
Heaven's Cataract
3000 AP
Chac Deep Dungeon Floor 80 (Unlocked during mission: This Is Your Story) Heaven's Cataract assaults all enemies in the room with powerful forces which inflict heavy damage and destroy defenses. 20