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Geomancer is an offensive attack job which uses the power of the land to attack foes. Damage for Geomancer skills are based on physical and magical attack power. Your equipped weapon does not affect the damage. Many Geomancer skills also have a status effect associated with them. Skills that attack many enemies at once will only attack enemies the user is already in combat with.

Geomancer eventually gains access to a variety of Geodances . Geodances are powerful support dances that change the terrain of rooms the Geomancer is in, as well as using abilities each round the Geomancer is in combat. Geodances can be changed by using a different Geodance, or stopped by using the same Geodance. Geodances have a risk of stumbling instead of using an ability, which can later be removed with the Dance of Air passive ability. When a Geomancer changes the terrain in the room, Terrain abilities will do less damage in rooms that have had their terrain changed. This damage reduction can later be removed with the Grand Finale passive ability.


Geomancy is the primary skill set of Geomancer.

Geomancer skills are used through the command 'use geomancy terrain'. Which skillset is used depends on the landtype of the room that the user is in. The user's Job Level will affect the skill used from the skillset, increasing the chance of more powerful abilities the higher the job level. Leveling the skillsets will boost the power of any associated abilities. Checking the ability help of a skillset will list what abilities are associated with it. Typing 'geomancy' by itself will tell you the landtype of the room you are currently in as well as what Geodance terrain is overriding the terrain of the room.

Action Abilities
Ability Initial AP Cost Level Req
Terrain 100 Lv1
Wind Song 200 Lv6
Forest Suite 200 Lv6
Desert Aria 200 Lv8
Water Rondo 200 Lv10
Love Sonata 200 Lv12
Earth Blues 200 Lv14
Snowman Jazz 200 Lv16
Fire Samba 200 Lv18
Dusk Requiem 200 Lv20
Counter Abilities
Counter Flood 300 Lv1
Inherent Abilities
Attack UP 400 Lv1
Passive Abilities
Passive Ability Initial AP Cost Level Req
Gaia 1500 Lv1
Geostigma 1000 Lv1
Dance on Air 10000 Lv21
Grand Finale 15000 Lv23

Geomancers utilize the geomancy of their surroundings to engage in combat with their foes. Each room has a specific geomancy type (also known as terrain type), which affects the results of certain abilities. Listed below are the attacks which become available with specific geomancies, and the abilities of the corresponding geodances.

Shadowflare, a strong dark-element magical attack, is a special Terrain ability which has a small chance to activate on every terrain type.

A full list of all of the various terrain types and abilities can be accessed via the "Terrain" link in the table above, or individual types on the tabbed view below.

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