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Steal Equipment



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use theft stealequipment at <target>

Steal Equipment is one the action abilities of the Thief job. It is unique in that it allows you to steal an item from an enemy. In order to steal special equipment from monsters, players must first unlock the lead to the item by completing missions for Baku at the Tantalus hideout located at the eastern side of Elsendor.  If a player tries to steal an item from a monster without knowing the lead, they will only receive weightless generic items instead.  Once a player has successfully stolen a rare item from a monster, it will take 36 hours before they can steal another rare item.


Players can accept a mission from Baku, located east of the Forge in Elsendor, once per reboot in order to unlock a lead to a new piece of equipment. There are 3 categories for items: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The Easy and Medium tiers will actually show you which item you will find the lead for. The Hard tier lead will always be a mystery and will not be known until you complete the mission. You can give up the mission at any time by talking to Baku. Once this is done, you are still able to accept another mission. In addition to the lead, the mission will also reward gold and exp upon completion.

Steal Equipment LeadsEdit

Easy Leads
Item Name STR AGI VIT WIS WIL LVL CY Monster Item Type Anima
Night Killer10350100018DiabloCrossbowNone
Platina Dagger2232000020Tomato ManDaggerNone
Thief Knife5072000046Slam DancerDaggerNone
Imperial6030000030CadetNinja SwordNone
Rainbow Staff0002530023Mani WizardStaffNone
Rose Corsage000002020Meat EaterAccessoryNone
Glass Armlet0055038035KarlabosBracelet Water
Shinra Beta0048700044MarineBracelet Stone
Kilimweave Shirt0025350023Silk TailClothes Flame
Ritual Hat7600053049Fire GigasHatNone
Medium Leads
Item Name STR AGI VIT WIS WIL LVL CY Monster Item Type Anima
Madlemgen00010070064Black FlameBookNone
Papyrus Plate0008055050Page 32BookNone
Raijoudou85125000079Bal ArcherBowNone
Dancing Dirk501000065063MalldancerDaggerNone
Sword Breaker77112000070Southtown Imperial GuardDaggerNone
Bone Club12008000075PunisherHammerNone
Strato14499000090Dark NinjaKatanaNone
Chaosbringer12508500079Dark KnightKnight SwordNone
Drainer12082000075VampireKnight SwordNone
Change Rod00010068063Wizard EyeRodNone
Dark Scythe12085000078Kajar Fire/Ice SorcererPoleNone
Sneak Ring000006060DadalumaAccessoryNone
Ice Armor00115080073Frost GigasArmorNone
Windbreaker09462050059ZuuClothes Tone
Celebrant's Miter00989870082Mystic BookHat Tree
Thornlet0010070706070HidonHat Tree
Steel Mask759013000082Bal MerchantHelmNone
Hard Leads
Item Name STR AGI VIT WIS WIL LVL CY Monster Item Type Anima
Slasher Axe1800000090EnuoAxeNone
Fomalhaut03200000117Carry ArmorGunNone
Shiva Edge1680130000104SentryKatanaNone
Slasher II1101600000100Super SlashKatanaNone
Galatyn150010000094Diver NestKnight SwordNone
Dragon Lance1200230000107Dragon WormLanceNone
Koga Knife1001650000100Dark StalkerNinja SwordNone
Sasuke Knife100155000097ChekovNinja SwordNone
Judge Staff000100140091IsteritosStaffNone
Ice Brand155001000097Ice GolemSwordNone
Soul Sabre008012080080KarkassSwordNone
Magic Seal00000105105BarghestAccessoryNone
Seraph Song000009090WarlockAccessoryNone
Black Mail125015040900102Son of SunArmorNone
Ruby Armor160020001100114GigasaurArmor Flame
Aurora Armlet00960140088Unknown 2Bracelet Water
Bolt Armlet09600140088Unknown 3Bracelet Tone
Crystal Bangle112011200094CrysalesBracelet Water
Diamond Gloves105015200096RilfsakBracelet Tone
Dragon Armlet001201301300103Dark DragonBracelet Flame
Fire Armlet96000140088Unknown 1Bracelet Flame
Titan's Gloves1310191000108PhunbabaBracelet Beast
Watcher Bracelet0015001500109Eggplant ManBracelet Tone
Winged Glove95220001450113Dirt DragonBracelet Tree
Zeus Gloves1310191000108Thunder GigasBracelet Tone
Black Vest01501500750109MacabreClothesNone
Flea Vest0011601140102Flea PlusClothes Tone
Red Vest01502000750112Fossil ApeClothes Flame
White Vest01501500750109BasherClothes Tone
Mermaid Cap000108157099Blue BeastHat Water
Ozzie Pants0010080110091Great OzzieHatNone
Lunar Crystal Helm150020001500118Iron GiantHelmNone

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