Weapon Types (All)

Weapons affect your attack power when wielded, which improves the damage of physical skills as well as the normal melee attacks you automatically perform every round. Most players can use one weapon; to use two weapons at once, you must be a ninja, or use the ninja inherent ability Two Swords. Only your primary weapon affects your attack power with skills, while the second weapon only adds extra melee attacks each round.

Weapons come in different types, which can be equipped by different jobs. Some inherent abilities, like the knight ability Equip Sword, exist to allow you to equip certain types of weapons in jobs that can't normally equip them. Many abilities in the game can only be used while a certain type of weapon is equipped, or improve in power when a certain type of weapon is equipped.

Different types of weapons deal damage based on different stats. When using an agility-based weapon, your agility will be used to calculate your attack power. When using a strength-based weapon, your strength will be used to calculate your attack power. The types of weapons are listed below.

Strength Based
Axes Claws Hammers
Katanas Knight Swords Lances
Materia Blades Rods Staves
Agility Based
Boomerangs Crossbows Guns
Strength / Agility Hybrid
Bows Daggers Ninja Swords
Wisdom / Willpower Hybrid
Books Instruments Poles

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