Job Info
Reqs None
Weapons Daggers
Armor Clothes

Chemist is a support job which uses items for damage, healing and status recovery.  The healing and status recovery items can be bought from shops in most towns, while the damage items can be bought only in the upstairs of the item shop in Elsendor.

The HP/MP recovery items are more effective on targets with higher maximum HP/MP.  The damage items deal raw damage based on your level; your stats have no effect.

Some chemist skills are usable in any job. If the player is not a chemist and does not have item set as their secondary command, they will use up an item from your inventory and take two rounds to use.  If the player is a chemist or has item set as their secondary command, they will be free and only take one round to use.  The HP/MP recovery skills, the status recovery skills, and phoenix downs all fall in this category.  If you aren't a chemist and don't have item set as your secondary command, these items will not gain the bonuses of extra ability levels.

Other skills can only be used by chemists.  The skills that deal damage to enemies and the skills that require high job levels fall in this category. These skills always require an item, except for the Drink skills which are free.

Many chemist skills require the player reach a certain level before they can be used.  A few require a high job level instead.


Action Abilities usable with any job
Ability Initial AP Cost Req Level
Tonic 30 1
Potion 150 25
Mid-Potion 300 50
Hi-Potion 600 75
X-Potion 1500 100
Tincture 80 1
Ether 350 25
Mid-Ether 750 50
Hi-Ether 1600 75
X-Ether 3500 100
Phoenix Down 90 1
Antidote 70 1
Eye Drop 80 1
Echo Grass 120 1
Green Cherry 250 1
Cornucopia 300 1
Soft 250 1
Holy Water 400 1
Tranquilizer 200 1
Chemist Only Action Abilities
Ability Initial AP Cost Req Level
Knot of Rust 120 1
Molotov 250 25
Grenade 250 25
S-Mine 400 50
Shrapnel 400 50
8-Inch Cannon 700 75
Right Arm 700 75
Dragon Fang 1400 100
Shining Gem 1400 100
Chemist Abilities: Drinks
Ability Initial AP Cost Req Job Level
Remedy 2500 10
Giant Drink 1000 14
Hero Drink 1000 14
Speed Drink 1000 14
Elixir 5000 16
Megalixir 8000 21
Reaction Abilities
Auto Potion 400 1
Support Abilities
Maintenance 250 1
Equip Change 0 1