Chocobos Edit

By travelling to the Chocobo Ranch in Final Fantasy 7, players can talk to Choco Bill to start a chain of missions to unlock a variety of chocobo-related features, including Chocobo Breeding and Hot & Cold.

Chocobo Missions Start Requirements
Monster Corral Choco Bill None
Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold Choco Bill Finish Monster Corral
The Way Of The Rancher Choco Bill Finish Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold
Level XP to Level
1 500
2 1,500
3 3,000
4 5,000
5 15,000
6 25,000
7 50,000
8 75,000
9 125,000
10 Max Level

Hot & Cold Edit

Area Location Realm Requirements
Field Chocobo Ranch FF7 None
Forest Upper Land SoM Field Chocograph
Lagoon Mideel FF7 Forest Chocograph, Riverwalker
Mountain North Mountain FF5 Lagoon Chocograph, Mountainwalker
Volcano Tyrano Lair CT Mountain Chocograph, Firewalker
Tundra Chocobo Sage FF7 Volcano Chocograph
Garden Zeal Continent CT Tundra Chocograph, Flyer

Chocographs Edit

By playing Hot & Cold, players can collect Chocograph fragments. Once a certain number of fragments have been collected, a Chocograph item will be added to the player's inventory. By looking at the item, a room's description will show up, revealing where the player must travel to to find the Chocograph's reward. Once the player is in the correct room, activating the chocograph will give the reward.

Chocobo Breeding Edit

Nut Effect
Plain This is the basic nut. It has no special effects
Chocobo Type
Pram Helps breed a Rounsey chocobo.
Carob Helps breed a Courser chocobo.
Porov Helps breed a Destrier chocobo.
Chocobo Color
Pepio Helps a recessive Green color manifest.
Saraha Helps a recessive Red color manifest.
Luchile Helps a recessive Blue color manifest.
Lasan Helps a recessive White color manifest.
Chocobo Trait
Temperate Helps give a Hot & Cold trait.
Fertile Helps give a Breeding trait.
Racer Helps give a Racing trait.
Known Egg Locations
Realm Zone
Chrono Trigger Dactyl Nest
Chrono Trigger Sewers
Chrono Trigger Enhasa
Chrono Trigger Dorino
Final Fantasy V Big Bridge
Final Fantasy VI South Figaro
Final Fantasy VI Phantom Forest
Final Fantasy VI Jidoor
Final Fantasy VI Zozo
Final Fantasy VII Cosmo Canyon
Final Fantasy VII Icicle Inn
Final Fantasy VII Nibelheim
Final Fantasy VII North Corel
Secret of Mana Ice Forest
Secret of Mana Kakkara
Secret of Mana Northtown
Secret of Mana Great Forest
Secret of Mana Lofty Mountains

Chocobo Racing Edit

Chocobo Racing is a mini-game that can be played with chocobos that you have bred and raised. For more information on the racetracks, rewards and how to participate, see the Chocobo Racing page.

Ozma Edit

Ozma is a Super Boss which only those who have mastered Chocobo Breeding and Hot & Cold can challenge to receive powerful equipment. He is located in the Garden field and can be unlocked by finding a Yan using a Garden Chocograph.