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Dark Knight
   Dark Knights are warriors of the night, using the power of darkness to deal physical damage to enemies.  They are offensively stronger than their counterparts, Holy Knights, but lose access to the Cleric job in return.  Most Dark Knight attacks are dark-elemental, and a sword or knightsword is required to use most of the abilities.

   Dark Knights have few abilities, but what they lack in versatility they make up for in raw power. Players who gain a high job level as a Dark Knight will also be able to use a variety of powerful dark-elemental knightswords that cannot be used otherwise. These knightswords can be found in various places throughout the game.

Command darksword Requirements
  • Quest Complete
  • Level 60



Dark Knight Abilities (darksword)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Black Curse 800 Lowers an enemy's stats, and continue to curse other enemies that attack you.
Night Sword 800 Siphons the life out of a target and gives it to you.
Dark Sword 700 Siphons the mana out of a target and gives it to you.
Deathblow 1000 Attacks wildly, sometimes missing.
Dark Wave 1600 Sends out the user's own life force to deal dark damage.