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Speedwalk e; e; n; n; e
Inflicts by Floor
Floors Monster Status Effect(s)
1 ~ 20
21 ~ 40 Cuar Poison, Petrify
Steel Hawk Petrify
Ochu Don't Move
41 ~ 60 Ahriman Don't Move, Don't Act, Silence, Petrify
Squidlarkin Berserk, Blind
Cockatrice Petrify
61 ~ 80 Mindflare Berserk, Level Blast
Revenant Zombie
Morbol Sour Breath
Vampire Petrify
Monsters by Floor
1 ~ 20
Floatiball Juravis Piscodemon Red Panther
Goblin Skeleton Bomb Yellow Chocobo
21 ~ 40
Black Chocobo Black Goblin Ochu Steel Hawk
Hyudra Grenade Bull Demon Cuar
41 ~ 60
Ahriman Ghoul Red Chocobo Hydra
Squidlarkin Cockatrice Gabbledegak Dragon
Woodman Behemoth Bone Snatch Explosive
61 ~ 80
Living Bone Revenant Morbol Minitaurus
Mindflare Deep Treant Blue Wyrm Vampire
King Behemoth
81 ~ 100
Red Wyrm Plague Dark Behemoth Great Morbol
Tiamat Sacred Taiju
121 +
After floor 121, any monster from floor 21 ~ 100 can appear.

The Deep Dungeon is a special dungeon that can be seen in the northeast corner of Elsendor. Visit the Deep Dungeon Curio Shop nearby for more information.

The Deep Dungeon houses aggressive monsters and is endlessly deep. As you descend into the Deep Dungeon, monsters will become progressively harder on each floor. If you wish to quickly return to a floor you have visited before, you can say the number of the floor in the Deep Dungeon's entrance, and the elevator will take you to that floor. If you say 'max' in the entrance room, you will be told the deepest floor you have unlocked.

Deep Dungeon equipment and items are freely tradable and can be sold, except for those containing Serpentarius Emblems to make. Those items are locked to your character and cannot be traded away.

Parties may explore the Deep Dungeon together; it is up to the individual members of the party to decide on how any loot will be split. The nature of how to uncover items and unlock other miscellaneous features contained within the dungeon is not qinfo, and may be freely discussed. Speak to Velius in the shop for more information.

Like the Fur Shop, players can buy items using a currency specifically found in the Deep Dungeon. Players will need both Dungeon Points (DP) and Emblems (found by searching rooms) to buy the items. The shop has 3 tiers, which are as follows:

Deep Dungeon Low Deep Dungeon Mid Deep Dungeon High