This page is intended to be a guideline for all editors, since there are a few complexities when adding to existing content.


  • Always use Scanner, Libra and Peep on monsters to determine their stats, resistances, and creature type.
  • ALWAYS add categories to monsters. See here for list of Monster Categories.
  • IMPORTANT: The Desc field is for the monsters in room description. (The one you see when you look at the room, not the one you see when you look at the monster.)
  • If a monster has a Steal item, add a Steal category.
  • If a monster has at least one learnable Lore ability, add a Lore category.
  • If a monster does not have a creature type, make sure to bug it on the MUD.
  • If a monster's XP Range falls on the gap between 2 different XP Ranges, add both. (IE: 500 XP = XP Range 250-500 & XP Range 500-750)


  • Use the Subzone Template is possible. It takes care of deleting sections, etc. automatically.
  • When creating an area, make sure to check for all of the criteria below.
  • If an area doesn't meet one of the below criteria in the Info box, just delete that portion. (IE: no missions = no mission box)
  • DO NOT delete the Speedwalk or Inflict boxes. Just put None in the Inflict box if no monsters can inflict a status. Put a ? if you haven't checked.
  • XP RANGES: Do NOT include bosses in the XP Range spot in the area info box. Just put the lowest and highest non-boss XP ranges in there. If there is only one monster in the zone, then the lowest and highest will be the same. (IE: XP Range 350 - 350)
  • IF A MONSTER ALREADY EXISTS in another area besides the one you add, make sure you add the new location to the monster's page.

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Speedwalk Speedwalk from Center goes here.

List any statuses monsters in the area inflict and the monster that inflicts it. IE:

Berserk (Pink Puff)

(Area Name) Info
XP Range Lowest - Highest