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The Elsendor Fame Shop is a little different from most other shops, as the items require players to finish certain missions and have a certain amount of Fame before they can buy the items.

Item Name STR AGI VIT WIS WIL LVL CY Cost Item Type Anima
Mission The Missing Queen Fame 90
Argentic Dagger202003000206,500DaggerNone
Mission Thanatos Fame 90
Mage Masher28400000267,500DaggerNone
White Staff00028400267,500StaffNone
Bronze Shield0050000257,500ShieldNone
Leather Shirt42028000277,500Clothes Beast
Mission To Cure A King Fame 120
Tycoon's Comb00000353544,000AccessoryNone
Mission Death to the Mystics' Enemies Fame 90
Magic Knife02505000259,000DaggerNone
Mission Dried Up Fame 171
Dragon Gauntlet0082055052230,000Bracelet Flame
Mission Nu Season Fame 269
Gaia Rod30008650050100,000RodNone
Hunting Crossbow5086000050100,000CrossbowNone
Mission You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet Fame 257
Imp Halberd0000000100,000LanceNone
Mission Unnatural Selection Fame 374
Hair Ornament000130900821,000,000Hat Stone
Earth Clothes75751300900821,000,000ClothesNone
Aura Glove2301600000117600,000ClawNone
Mission Treasure of Giant's Claw Fame 428
Arondight15501400001052,000,000Knight SwordNone
Judgement Scythe00014013001052,000,000PoleNone
Mission Mother Fame 535
Vincent StuffyN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A100,000ItemNone
Blaze Gun020013080001002,500,000GunNone
Doom Sickle00019512001032,000,000PoleNone
Golden Hairpin0013013013001052,500,000Hat Tree
Reflect Mail135017009001052,500,000ArmorNone
Mission Cursed, Rotten Earth Fame 783
Wildfire Dagger087022012201062,000,000DaggerNone
Mission Steel It? Fame 634
Monster Killer14009500088400,000KatanaNone
Jujitsu Gi117708000074200,000Clothes Beast
Mission Conquering the Pagoda Fame 677
Mission Crown Jewels Missing Fame 720
Regal Crown00175012001041,800,000Hat Flame
Mission Big Game Hunter Fame 875
Crystal Gloves23000015801163,000,000Bracelet Tone
Wyrm Shield00230158001163,000,000ShieldNone
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