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   Engineer is an agility-based job which uses special tools to attack enemies. Engineer abilities do not take equipped weapons into account for their damage.


Edgar, King of Figaro, needs tasks completed. Go to him and say 'hi' to find out what needs to be done. Complete his tasks to earn the quest points.

(This quest is not required to use the Engineer job or abilities.)

Command tool Requirements



Engineer Abilities (tool)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Auto Crossbow 400 Fires a fully automatic crossbow across the area.
Upgrade: More damage.
Mako Gun 300 Fires a gun with a random elemental attack.
Upgrade: More damage, always picks most effective element.
Bio Blaster 600 Sends a wave of poison gas across the room.
Upgrade: More damage, stronger poison.
Scanner 600 Displays information about a target.
Flash 750 8 Attacks all enemies in the room with a blinding light, dealing holy damage.
Upgrade: More damage, higher blind hitrate.
Debilitator 800 8 Gives the target a random elemental weakness.
Upgrade: Inflictes three elemental vulnerabilities simultaneously.
Drill 850 12 Drills through the enemy. Bypasses protect/shell.
Upgrade: More damage, dispels protect/shell. Inflicts Armorbreak.
Napalm 1000 12 Blasts enemies with a fire bomb.
Upgrade: More damage, and coats enemy in flammable oil.
Launcher 1750 14 Fires up to four missiles at random targets, halving target hp each hit.
Upgrade: Fires up to two additional missiles.
Upgrade 15000 16 Allows upgrading of tools.
Noise Blaster 1500 18 Silences enemies by emitting an ear-splitting sound.
Upgrade: Adds damage on application and increases silence duration.
Chainsaw 1500 20 Rips the enemy apart with a chainsaw, either dealing damage or halving HP.
Upgrade: Demi effect improved to Quarter.
Mega Bomb 800 21 Deals major fire damage to one enemy, and less to others.
Upgrade: Bolstered single target damage.
Air Anchor 2400 23 Hooks into an enemy, dealing damage when it attacks.
Upgrade: Inflicts additional damage on the initial hit.

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