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Mission Information
Name Footsteps, Follow!
Zone Ioka Village Min Level 40
Prerequisites The Jurassic Age
Start Location Ioka Village, Talk to Ayla
XP 381,000 Fame 26

Objective 1 Follow Ayla to the Forest Maze south of Ioka Village to help her track down the reptites that stole her rare red stone.
Objective 2 Defeat the creatures guarding the Forest Maze that leads to the Reptite Lair. When you are finished, meet Ayla at the Reptite Lair's entrance at the end of the Forest Maze.
Objective 3 Enter the Reptite Lair beyond the Forest Maze and defeat the creatures inside which stole Ayla's rare red stone. Ayla will locate you when you have defeated enough of them.
Objective 4 Head to the bottom of the Reptite Lair and locate Azala, the leader of the reptites.
Objective 5 Defeat Nizbel at the bottom of the Reptite Lair.
Objective 6 Return to Ioka Village and speak to Ayla in her hut.