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Mission Information
Name Gongaga's Reactor
Zone Gongaga Min Level 43
Prerequisites ?
Start Location Gongaga, talk to the elder
XP 116,000 Fame 18

After obtaining this mission from the Gongaga elder, head out of town and take the path heading towards the reactor. After reaching the reactor, double back towards town. On the way, you'll run into Reno and Rude and, after an amusing scene, you'll be forced into a fight with them. After defeating the pair, head back towards the reactor. After the scene with the Turks, you'll need to kill the monsters in the area to obtain the 10 needed materia. It will require at least two repops to obtain all 10 materia. Once 10 materia have been obtained, return to Tseng at the entrance of the reactor and say 'hi' to him. After another humorous scene, you will obtain your reward.