For a single player level 110 and up.

Hades is a superboss that is summoned by playing the Doom Whistle at the platform of the Phantom Train. He can be challenged by saying "I challenge you" and when defeated, grants a Pumice Piece and access to his synthesis shop. Hades can be defeated once per reboot.

This is a solo battle.  It is not possible to party with other players.

Locations The Realm of Hades

Scanner Data
Desc The Lord of the Underworld, Hades, sits atop his throne of death
HP 240,000 MP 20,000 XP 1,000,000 Level 165
C. Types Undead
Weak Holy
Resist None
Immune Poison, Blind, Silence, Sleep, Stop, Berserk, Petrify, Gravity, No Act, Zombie, Small, Earth, Imp, Trouble
Absorb Dark

Items and Abilities
Drop Pumice Piece Steal None Secret Hunt None
Lore None
Abilities Cleave, Freeze (Ice DA), Mustard Bomb (Fire Engulf), Doomsday (Dark), Judgment Blade (fall 1), Curse Gas (Curse)

Fight Edit

Hades uses Engulf, Curse, and DA. You must wear an item like Dragon Gauntlet to prevent Engulf or you will lose. Curse only lasts a few turns, and can usually be ignored. One of Hades' attacks, Judgment Blade, brings your HP to 1. There is a battle alert for this, so you need good healing magic to recover most of your HP in one turn.

Hades also uses the Dark magic, Doomsday, which there is a battle alert for. Otherwise, Hades usually uses Cleave or one of his elemental attacks like Freeze and Mustard Bomb.

It's important to have Dark ward for the Doomsday ability, or this will be a difficult fight. If you can ward fire or ice, this will also help very much.

Synthesis Shop Edit

After being defeated, Hades offers access to a powerful synth shop.

Item Name STR AGI VIT WIS WIL LVL CY Item Type Anima
Items Needed to Synthesize
Cerberus 150 300 0 80 120 0 123 Gun None
Pumice Piece (2) ----- Deathbringer ----- Death Penalty ----- Death
Cursed Shield 250 0 150 120 200 0 131 Shield None
Pumice Piece (2) ----- Devil King Shield ----- Bone Mail ----- Venetian Shield
Nirvana 0 0 200 150 300 0 134 Staff None
Pumice Piece (3) ----- Silver Stud ----- Princess Guard ----- Seraphim's Mace
Robe of Lords 0 0 140 230 170 0 123 Robe None
Pumice Piece (2) ----- Safe Helm ----- Minerva Bustier ----- Prism Dress
Save the Queen 200 0 300 0 160 0 135 Knight Sword None
Pumice Piece (3) ----- Regal Crown ----- Guard Ring ----- Defender
Tin Armor 0 0 300 0 210 0 130 Armor None
Pumice Piece (3) ----- Eternal Rock ----- Flare Sledgehammer