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Mission Information
Name Hoisting the Light and the Dark
Zone Mt. Ordeals Min Level 60
Prerequisites None
Start Location Mt. Ordeals At the Base of the Mountain, Enter the Whale in Elsendor
XP 560,000 Fame 0

Objective 1 Speak with Old Man Tellah at the base of Mt. Ordeals.
Objective 2 Defeat the evil monsters on Mt. Ordeals.
Objective 3 Speak with Tellah at the base of Mt. Ordeals and let him know the path is clear.
Objective 4 Meet Tellah at the summit of Mt Ordeals.
Objective 5 Defeat Scarmiglione.
Objective 6 Enter the shrine at the peak of Mt. Ordeals.
Objective 7 Either fight the darkness, or embrace it.