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Holy Knight
  Holy Knights are warriors of the light, filling their weapons with divine power to strike enemies. They are offensively somewhat weaker than their counterparts, Dark Knights, but have greater defensive and healing capabilities. Holy Knight attacks are holy-elemental, and a sword, knight sword, or an axe is required to use them.

  Holy Knight's healing abilities - Curasa, Basuna and Raise - are considered magic spells, and cannot be used while silenced.


In a place of holiness, you will face your worst enemy.
If you have the Dark Knight job or the Sorcerer job, you cannot also have the Holy Knight job.
See also 'help holy_or_dark_knight'.
This is a quest job. Giving out or asking for any information regarding how to attain this job is illegal. You have been warned.
Command holysword Requirements
  • Quest Complete
  • Level 60



Holy Knight Abilities (holysword)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Holy Aura 800 Raises your party's stats for a period of time.
Stasis Sword 800 Encases a single target with crystals of light. May inflict stop.
Split Punch 1000 Pierces an opponent with a spirit blade. Gives you holy and dark resistance.
Crush Punch 1200 Crushes the target with a divine pyramid of energy and dispels its buffs.
Lightning Stab 1500 Strikes a foe with muting holy thunder.
Holy Explosion 1800 Blasts powerful holy energy across the room.
Cover 600 Take damage in place of an ally.
Raise 800 8 Revive a dead ally.
Rampart 800 8 Increases block rate of party members.
Curasa 350 10 Heals an ally. More effective on targets with low HP.
Basuna 500 12 Removes action-inhibiting ailments from an ally.
Convalescence 1500 16 Increases healing done to party members for short time.
Sentinel 1800 18 Forms a weak protective barrier around you, reducing physical and magical damage.
Counter Abilities
Auto-Cover 5000 14 Take damage in place of allies.
Passive Abilities
Seiken 1800 Increases the potency and effects of Holy Knight's attacks.
Undead Killer 2500 12 Causes melee attacks against Undead enemies to critically hit.
Shield Mastery 5000 14 Increases defense and magic defense while wearing a shield.