Chocobo Hot & Cold is a game that can be played with chocobos you own. The game is played by digging with your chocobo in special areas to find items that are buried in the ground.

 The areas that you can play Hot & Cold are run by Mene, who will help you start playing. Once you have started playing, you can 'dig' with your chocobo, which will let you know if you are close to an item buried in the ground. The enthusiasm of the chocobo will tell you how close you are to the item. 

Once you find the location of an item, you must dig enough to excavate it. Each dig will excavate the item somewhat, and the remaining depth will be displayed. 

Each time you dig with a chocobo, some of its stamina will be depleted. If your chocobo has no stamina remaining, you will need to let it recover. Stamina recovery occurs naturally over time. 

As you excavate items, you may come across some mysterious Chocographs. These ancient artifacts will show the way to buried treasure, if you can decipher their meaning. You may also find pieces of Chocographs, which may be re-assembled if you collect enough of them.

 After completing the mission 'Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold', players may practice playing Hot & Cold in the field located in the chocobo ranch; No stamina is used playing there, but no special rewards or experience will be found from playing there.

 Note that all information, including chocograph locations, rewards, items found in areas, etc. is freely allowed to be discussed with other players.

 The following is a list of locations that are currently available for play Hot and Cold, once you unlock their respective Chocograph.

Location Speedwalk
Forest e; e; som; se; se; s; s; e; upper land; w; s; w; s; e; s; s; e; s; forest
Lagoon s; ff7; out; airship; say mideel; mideel; ne; ne; ne; lagoon
Mountain e; e; s; ff5; airship; say north mountain; northmt; cave; n; w; w; out; n; n; ne; cave; u; e; out; mountain
Volcano n; n; ct; nw; nw; nw; nw; s; pillar; s; e; s; s; s; s; path; e; n; n; n; w; n; n; n; u; s; e; u; e; u; n; u; s; e; u; n; ride dactyl; door; n; n; stairs; w; door; w; door; n; w; door; stairs; e; e; volcano
Tundra s; ff7; out; airship; say cabin; tundra
Garden n; n; ct; nw; nw; pillar; out; se; e; pad; garden

Confirmed Chocograph Rewards Edit

Note Field is not displayed at there are no unique rewards for that area.

Note Fur Shop Points, Deep Dungeon Points, or Deep Dungeon Emblems are available from all areas and therefore are not included in the table.

Note Equipment, such as weapons, armor and accessories, are generally not eligible for trade, and can only be found once.

Item Name Item Type Forest Lagoon Mountain Volcano Tundra Garden
Chocobow Bow
Small DP Egg Accessory
Argentic Flute Instrument
Patio Table of Mana Shield
Boco Stuffy Item
Wood Chocobo Figurine Item
Glass Chocobo Figurine Item
Jade Chocobo Figurine Item
Stable Blueprint Item
Baroque Flute Instrument
Coliseum Voucher Rank 30 Item
Medium DP Egg Accessory
Shower Curtain of Mana Accessory
Wine Item
Coliseum Voucher Rank 50 Item
Metal Chocobo Figurine Item
Blessed Briault Robe
Field Medicine Accessory
Applied Sorcery Accessory
Chocoblade Sword
Cyclone Grimoire Book
-Sort- Accessory
Throw Rug of Mana Clothes
Winged Boots Accessory
Fat Chocobo Whistle Item
Fairy Earrings Accessory
Glass Buckle Accessory
NukeBomb Gun
Topaz Gloves Accessory
Winged Spear Lance
Hoarfrost Dagger Dagger
Sky Chocobo Armlet Bracelet
Couch of Mana Item