Prerequisites: Mission, Level 95

Weapons: Sword, Knightsword, Rod, Gun

Armor  : Helmet, Armor, Robe, Shield

Magitek Knights gain their skills from a combination of magic and technology, giving it high boosts to both physical and magical power. Magitek is a legend balance class; its attack skills are based on a combination of physical and magical attack power. When equipped with a ranged weapon, the physical portion is based on agility. Magitek is about equally good for strength, wisdom, agility, and balance characters.


Arvis in the town of Narshe has learned vital information about the Empire's attempts to rebuild their Magitek research program in Vector.

Players who have completed the FF6 missions "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Magicite One" will receive a missive upon entering Narshe, and then can talk to Arvis in his house in Narshe. This will begin the mission to become a Magitek Knight.


Command Abilities
Ability Initial AP Cost Job Lv
Fire Beam 1000 1
Ice Beam 1000 1
Bolt Beam 1000 1
Heal Force 1000 1
TekShield 400 1
TekBarrier 400 1
Gravity Bomb 750 1
Bio Blast 1800 1
TekMissile 2000 1
X-Fer 1000 1

Counter Abilities
Runic 400 1
Passive Abilities
Esper Infusion 2000 1
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