In the militia, you are rewarded for various accomplishments in raids. If you are a reliable militia member, who always tries your hardest in raids and show the ability to be a good leader, you may be promoted. The higher rank you are, the more weight you have in the militia. In other words, as you gain rank,
you have the ability to issue orders to members who rank below you.

The rankings are as follows, from lowest to highest.

Enlisted Positions: - Private
- Private First Class
- Lance Corporal
- Corporal
- Drill Sergeant
- Sergeant
- Sergeant Major
- Warrant Officer

Officer Positions:
- 2nd Lieutenant
- Lieutenant
- Captain
- Major
- Lieutenant Colonel
- Colonel

General Positions: - Brigadier General
- Lieutenant General
- General

Wizard Positions: - Military Police
- Field Marshal
- Commander in Chief

Officer positions are gained after you raise to the rank of Warrent Officer and
show an aptitude for leadership. Officer positions are not given out lightly,
and you must prove yourself before you will be made a 2nd Lieutenant.

General positions are gained after you raise to the rank of Colonel. These are
given out even more rarely than officer positions. An officer looking to
become a general must be an expert in every aspect of the militia, must be able
to be counted on at any minute of the day, must show exceptional leadership
skills, and must be dedicated to the militia.

General is the top position that a player can achieve. Generals and wizards
can start raids, and therefore should not ever be assigned to a platoon.

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