]]Lil Cactus

Chrono Trigger Missions

Area Lvl Mission
Guardia Forest (1000 AD) 2 The Secret of the Forest
Millennial Fair 5 Millennial Fair
Millennial Fair 6 The Genius Inventors
Truce Canyon 6 The Queen Returns
Guardia Forest (600 AD) 10 Mystics Encroaching
Guardia Castle (1000 AD) 16 Mystics Intruding
Guardia Castle (600 AD) 16 But They're Still Hungry
Guardia Castle Dungeon 17 The Trial
Cathedral 20 The Missing Queen
Lab 16 22 What the Future Holds
Lower Arris Dome 25 Will The Future Refuse to Change?
Sewer Access 30 Robbie's Keeper
Lab 32 30 Beyond the Ruins
Proto Factory 33 The Factory Ruins
Medina 35 Death to the Mystics' Enemies
Zenan Bridge 36 The Hero Appears
Denadoro Mountain 36 Tata and the Outlaw
Magic Cave 38 The Beasts in the Cave
Mystic Mountain 45 The Jurassic Age
Hunting Range 47 Nu Season
Ioka Village 50 Footsteps, Follow!
Dactyl Nest 70 Give Dactyl
Tyrano Lair 76 Unnatural Selection
Enhasa 83 The Magic Kingdom
Zeal Palace 87 The Wretch Who Would Be King
Terra Cave 88 This Mission Stinks
Sunken Desert 105 The Deserted Forest
Giant's Claw 106 Treasure of Giant's Claw
Geno Dome 113 R-Series Prototype
Lab 16 118 Cursed, Rotten Earth

Final Fantasy 5 Missions

Area Lvl Mission
Pirate Cave 6 Crab's Back on the Menu
Tycoon Meteor 10 The Wind is Calling
Wind Shrine 22 The Spirit of Wind: Pursuit
North Mountain 31 To Cure A King
Worus Castle Water Tower 32 The Ice Queen Awakened

Final Fantasy 6 Missions

Area Lvl Mission
Narshe 10 Seekers of Magic
Narshe 10 Awakening
Figaro Castle 15 The Empire
South Figaro 27 Dead World
Doma Imperial Camp 27 Troops March On
Phantom Train 30 All Aboard!
Lete Underground River 32 Calibrations and Calamari
Doma Castle 37 Swordsman
Zozo 38 Rain
Figaro Castle Engine Room 42 Next Stop, Kohlingen
Nikeah 45 Cultists In Our Midst
Magitek Factory 47 Magicite One
Vector 55 The Empire Strikes Back
Tzen Mansion 65 The Light of Judgement
Figaro Desert 65 Lone Wolf
Figaro Desert 67 Desert Materials
Ebot's Rock 81 Gung Ho for Revenge
Ancient Cave 115 Crown Jewels Missing
Mt. Zozo 118 Cyan Garamonde
Magitek Factory 118 Magitek Knight
Dinosaur Forest 142 Big Game Hunter

Final Fantasy 7 Missions

Area Lvl Mission
Midgar Sector 5 Church 18 Don't Step on the Flowers!
Midgar Sector 6 Ruins 25 Scrap Metal
Midgar: Sector 6 Wire 32 Lost Souls
Mythril Mines 36 Man with a Black Cape
Chocobo Ranch 37 Monster Corral
Chocobo Ranch 37 Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold
Chocobo Ranch 37 The Way Of The Rancher
Gongaga 53 Gongaga's Reactor
Rocket Town 57 Shinra No. 27
Gi Caves 60 You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet
Nibelheim Mansion 75 Sin and Punishment
Wutai 75 Steel it?
Forgotten City 77 Calamity from the Skies
Icicle Inn 77 The Jenova Project
Bone Village Overland 77 Forgotten
Nibelheim 81 A Crate of Bananas
Mt. Nibel 115 Mother
Wutai 125 Conquering the Pagoda
Gelnika 125 Lost Research

Secret of Mana Missions

Area Lvl Mission
Rabite Field 1 The Sword of Mana
Potos Fields 3 Back to Potatoes
Gaia's Navel Fields 7 Road to Gaia's Navel
Water Palace 8 Sage Luka
Elinee's Castle 18 The Witching Hour
Goblin Village 22 The Hungry Goblins
Underground Palace 23 A Sprite Child
Pandora Ruins 25 Thanatos
Great Forest 36 Spring: The Complete First Season
Flammie Cave 37 Mating Season
Kakkara 43 Dried Up
Ice Forest 50 Master Is Missing
Fire Palace 55 Trial by Fire
Southtown 55 Enter the Resistance
Southtown Sewers 55 Lines of Communication
Gold City 75 The Palace of Light
Lofty Mountains 76 A Lofty Proposition
Shade Palace 78 Into the Darkness
Tasnica Castle 86 A Tree Without a Seed
Moon Palace 87 To the Moon, Palace
Sage Joch's Cave 95 Sage Joch's Trial

The Moon Missions

Area Lvl Mission
The Moon 145 A Light Lunar Snack

Final Fantasy 10 Missions

Area Lvl Mission
Zanarkand 95 To Zanarkand
Deep Dungeon 95 This Is Your Story

Tantalus Missions

Area Lvl Rank Mission
Ship Graveyard 35 Easy Pursuing Pirate Plunder
South Figaro 45 Easy Liquid Courage
Daryl's Tomb 73 Medium Grave Robbing
Nibelheim Mansion 76 Medium Safe Cracking
Owzer's Mansion 91 Hard Owzer's Eleven
Underwater Reactor 95 Hard We're Going to Steal a Submarine
Triangle Island 105 Hard Blank Check
Geno Dome 105 Hard Hackers

Chocobo Ranch Missions

Area Lvl Mission
Chocobo Ranch 37 Monster Corral
Chocobo Ranch 37 Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold
Chocobo Ranch 37 The Way Of The Rancher

Superboss Missions

Superboss Realm Zone Mission
Black Rabite SoM Rabite Field Time Flows Like a River
Culex CT Medina The Dark Knight of Vanda
Grahf CT End of Time Doth thou desire the power?
Elementals SoM Pure Land Hero of Mana
Hades Central Elsendor Abandon All Hope

Limited Edition Missions

Event Lvl Mission
Mother's Day 2012 0 Mother's Arrival
Christmas 2012 0 A Very Smithy Christmas
April Fool's 2013 0 Language Barrier
Christmas 2014 0 Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
Christmas 2014 0 Do You Want to Kill a Snowman?
April Fool's 2015 0 The Year is 199X
Halloween 2015 0 Pumpkin Protect
Christmas 2015 0 Everybody Was Snowball Fighting!
Christmas 2015 0 Ain't Snowbody Got Time for That