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  Monks are physical fighters adept at martial arts and chi energy. Using an array of martial and

elemental abilities, they're fierce fighters against single or multiple opponents. In addition, they can heal themselves with Chakra, provide healing and cleansing support to allies by using Mantra, and even increase their own ability to counter the attacks of their enemies.

  Monks automatically gain the effects of both Bare Hands and Two Swords. This means that all monks are capable of wielding two weapons at a time, and their bare fists have high attack power even while unarmed. The power of a monk's unarmed attacks increases as their strength goes up.


Monk is a job with quest abilities. The job itself can be used as soon as you meet the prerequisites listed above. Unlike other jobs, though, you can learn any of the abilities that require higher job levels early by seeking out Sabin's various students. Each of them will teach you some abilities.
Duncan, who lives in a nice cabin in the wilderness outside of Narshe, was once Sabin's martial arts teacher. He might know a little something about where to start looking.
The belts in the below abilities section refer to the belts that can be earned from this quest.

Do not party on this quest, as that would be a Bad Thing(tm).

Command punchart Requirements



Monk Abilities (punchart)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Pummel 150 Punch the enemy repeatedly.
Wave Fist 250 Throw a wave of energy from your fist at the target.
Earth Slash 500 Performs an earth-elemental attack.
Spin Fist 600 Spin in a circle with fists extended, hitting all enemies.
Chakra 350 Heals a large amount of your HP and MP as well as several potential ailments.
Aurabolt 700 8 / Belt 1 Gather chi into a burst of holy energy.
Lotus Strike 700 8 / Belt 1 Strike one of a single enemy's pressure points, potentially inflicting a status ailment.
Fire Dance 800 10 / Belt 2 Uses a series of movements to focus ki into fire, enveloping the area.
Blizzard Fist 800 10 / Belt 2 Focuses your energies outward and surrounds the area with freezing cold.
Mantra 1200 12 / Belt 3 Heals party members and cleanses them of ailments at the cost of your own health.
Counter Force 1000 12 / Belt 3 Focus on your enemies' movements, increasing your chance to counter.
Build Up 600 14 / Belt 4 Increases your attack power, but lowers your defense.
Cannot be used simultaneously with Endurance.
Endurance 600 14 / Belt 4 Increases your defense, but lowers your attack power.< /br>Cannot be used simultaneously with Build Up.
Wind Blade 1200 16 / Belt 5 Spin at high speeds to send blades of wind flying.
Suplex 1500 16 / Belt 5 Grabs an enemy with a hold, then slam them to the ground behind you.
Bum Rush 1200 18 / Belt 6 Sends you around your opponent at incredible speeds to strike many times.
Counter Abilities
Counter 300 Counter-attack with a powerful blow.
HP Restore 500 Heal own HP with inner energy when hit.
Hamedo 1200 Occasionally block the attack and counter-attack with a powerful blow.
Inherent Abilities
Bare Hands 900 Allows you to fight bare-handed as well as with a weapon.
Passive Abilities
Brawler 1200 Increases the potency of Monk's multiple-target attacks.
Duel 1200 Increases the potency of Monk's single-target attacks.