The Mystery Dungeon is a bonus area that exists separately from the majority of the MUD. When you enter Memoria for the first time, your character is temporarily reset. As you dive into the dungeon, your levels and equipment will be recorded. When you leave Memoria, your progress will be saved and you will return to your normal status.

The Mystery Dungeon that lies beneath the belltower is a strange place that defies logic. Each floor is different every time someone steps into it. Any items that are found in the Mystery Dungeon may be equipped, regardless of whether the person holding it normally has the correct stats to do so. You must still be in a job that allows you to equip the item type. Each floor of the Mystery Dungeon may be viewed with the 'map' command.

Within the Mystery Dungeon, you may only change jobs or set your secondary, inherent, or counter in the entrance to any given floor. These rooms are the first room after taking the stairs exit from a floor, and will denote that you may change jobs. Plan out your strategy before diving into a floor! The exit labeled door will proceed to the next floor and the exit labeled out will lead to a room inside the belltower where the you can safely record your progress and leave the dungeon.

In order to move down the stairs, you must clear out any monsters that are in the room.

After you first clear the dungeon, you may find special items known as Blue Chests. When you open a Blue Chest, you will find an item as well as a voucher for the item. If you speak with Blaroo in Memoria, he will tell you more about their use. Initially, Blaroo can only sell one item. As you clear the dungeon multiple times, Blaroo is able to carry more item vouchers. Any vouchers that you don't want Blaroo to carry (such as weak low level items), you can place into the device next to him for Frog coins. Frog coins are required to purchase these items.

You may rarely find Treasures in the dungeon. These are very rare items that can be brought to the Mysterious Collector above the Memoria item shop. If you die without turning the item in to the collector, you will lose it, so be careful! There are approximately 90 treasures to find.

In order to leave the dungeon, you must reach a new floor entrance or find an item known as Providence. When you activate Providence, it will safely return you to the Memoria town square. From here, you can turn in any treasures you've found to the Mysterious Collector. Providence is a useful item to use when your stairway is blocked by monsters you can't kill. It will also reset the floor that you're on, allowing you to potentially gather a few more items or kills.

When you die in the Mystery Dungeon, you will lose all of your progress in the Mystery Dungeon, and all items you are holding will be lost. You will lose your levels, AP, and equipment. It will *not* reset your Treasure collection.

Anyone who rings the bell at the top of the Memoria Belltower will erase all of their progress in the Mystery Dungeon. You will lose your levels, AP, and equipment. It will *not* reset your Treasure collection. This is irreversible, so ring the bell with care. Ringing the bell and dying are the only ways to reset your progress, leaving the dungeon through any other means will keep your progress intact.

The entrance to Memoria can be found just north of the Fat Chocobo in Elsendor, or n;n;w;n from center. Say enter to the hooded figure to enter.

Monsters grant additional rewards with each floor. XP, AP, Anima XP, etc are drastically increased from normal gameplay. All mission related locks are lifted, allowing access to both dark and light mission jobs after you've reached the appropriate level. At every 9th floor, the stairway is blocked by a boss. The stairway leads to a Moogle shop where you can sell items and buy consumables. You can type APPRAISE <item> anywhere in the dungeon to determine how much gold an item will sell for.

In addition to items, you will find orbs scattered across the dungeon. Touching an orb will produce a special effect. Once you've seen that orb's special effect, you can LOOK at them to be reminded of their effects. It's usually a good idea to wait until after you've cleared a floor of monsters and items before making the decision to experiment with orbs.

You can use the MDTRAPS command to get a list of which traps you've interacted with. These are the effects that orbs are capable of:

Trap Effects []

Name Effect
Darkness Prevents using the Map command.
Explosion Produces an AOE damage attack on all enemies, initiating combat. You can use an ability on the same round if you're quick enough.
MP Siphon Drains all of your MP.
HP Heal Fully restores your HP.
Spike Damages you for 33% of your maximum HP.
Pit Trap Drops you to the next floor, skipping the floor entrance completely.
Monster in a Box Summons a high level monster that will drop a higher tier item when killed. Not aggressive, but be careful using it at a stairway.
Monster House Teleports you to a locked room with a lot of monsters, leaving your current floor behind. The monsters aren't aggressive and they won't gang up on you, but you will have to kill them all before you can proceed. Providence can be used to safely restart the floor.
Lucky Drops a bunch of new items across the floor, including rooms you've already been to.
Orb Rain Drops a bunch of new orbs across the floor, including rooms you've already been to.
Moogle Shop Teleports you to a Moogle's shop, leaving the rest of your current floor behind. You can buy equipment in these shops rather than the consumable items sold at each 10th floor shop. Careful using attacks in this shop, as the shopkeeper will not be happy to have its business rudely interrupted.
Orb Shuffle The dreaded orb shuffle. Every orb color will have its effects randomized and you will forget what each orb does.
Knowledge Doubles XP/AP gain on the current floor. Does not carry over into Monster Houses.

Boss Monsters []

Name Floor Details
Whelk 9 Uses: Slime (slow), Retreat (half damage and counters), Counter Bolt (Lightning), Insect type, Absorbs Lightning, can be slow and mini, DO NOT attack in shell
Elvoret 19 Uses: Storm Breath, Fire (Fire), Bolt (Lightning), Demon type, weak to Lightning and wind, use Silence, DA, or Stop, Curse and Poison help
Adamantaimai 29 Uses Water attacks, Weak to lightning, best if both Adamantoise and Adamantaimai are poisoned.
Hilgigars 39 Uses Earth attacks and can heal itself with Curaga, Humanoid type, resists Gravity, vulnerable to Ice, Fire, Water, Lightning.
Black Waltz 49 Partway through the fight, Black Waltz will summon Sealion for assistance. Uses Water and Ice, Mini and/or Poison can help, kill Black Waltz first.
Deathguise 59 Uses Dark and Wind, Demon type, vulnerable to Lightning, Wind, Ice, can be stopped or paralyzed, Silence and Poison can help.
Ruby Dragon 69 Uses Fire and Wind, can inflict Slow. Also has Demi. Weak to Sleep, can be silenced, poisoned, cursed, and slowed.
X-ATM-092 79 When not broken down takes 10% damage, repair phase depends on remaining HP, vulnerable to Engulf, Sleep, Lightning, Don't act, Stop, Petrify, can be slowed and cursed.
Tonberry King 89 Tonberry King uses specials a lot. He will attempt to stab you or rain junk on you every turn. Stabs hurt a lot, but junk is weak. If you can't sustain much of the Stab damage, try healing on Stab rounds and damaging on Junk rounds. Junk can cause Don't Act. Lizard type, can be poisoned, cursed, and slowed.
His Royal Ripeness 100 Before you begin fighting the final boss of the dungeon, you are able to change your job commands and prepare yourself. His Royal Ripeness will be accompanied by a bunch of rotten tomatoes that will heal him, a lot. After the tomatoes are gone, His Royal Ripeness will frequently haste, preach, and praise itself. He can also use Wound (lowers HP some), Poison, and Dispel on you. After dispatching the King, he explodes into a handful of Flanbaneros. These flans cast Firaga and Aero, so Reflect can be helpful. Ultimately, AoE damage will help a lot. The fight isn't overly dangerous as long as you're cautious. If you made it this far, you can beat this boss! Slime Killer comes in handy for all.