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   Ninja is an agility-based job centered on throwing various items at enemies, using ninja-specific magics, and using shadow arts to aid with offensive and defensive combat. Using skills like Image and Mirage to help them evade attacks. Ninjas utilize a new resource: Shadows. Shadows are a resource used in many Ninja abilities. However, Shadows are generated in a unique way: dodging melee attacks. Each time a Ninja dodges a melee attack, they generate a shadow. In order to generate shadows by dodging, your primary or secondary job must be set to Ninja. In addition, there are several abilities in Ninja that also generate Shadows, like Image, Mirage, Blink, Smoke, and Abandon. Initially you can only hold up to 10 Shadows at any given time, but Lingering Shadows allows you to hold more.

   Along with their evasion skills, Ninjas gain access to Tonko and its stronger form Tonko Ni, which causes shadows to protect them from the damage done by enemy abilities. Ninjas gain access to several ninja-specific magics that hit all enemies in the room. Ninja magic can be cast without spending MP by purchasing ninja scrolls in Elsendor.

   Ninjas innately receive the effect of the Two Swords inherent, allowing them to wield two weapons at once.

   To use ninja's throwing attacks other than Weapon, you must have the item you want to throw in your inventory. It will be consumed when thrown. Throwing items can be bought in Elsendor.

Command ninjitsu Requirements

Weapons Armor

Ninja Abilities (ninjitsu)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Kunai 100 Throw a Kunai at an enemy.
Blink 200 Increases your ability to evade melee attacks.
Smoke 200 Tosses a smoke bomb, potentially blinding all enemies.
Shadowbind 350 A shadow binds an enemy, preventing them from acting.
Weapon 500 Throws a shadow copy of your equipped weapons at an enemy.
Blitz 850 6 Shock the room with lightning magic.
Flame 800 6 Torch the room with fire magic.
Flood 800 6 Purge the room with water magic.
Shuriken 400 6 Throws a Shuriken at an enemy.
Tonko 1000 8 Surrounds you with shadows, reducing damage done by enemy abilities.
Pinwheel 700 10 Throws a Pinwheel at enemies.
Sange 1000 10 Gives you a chance to also throw a shadow version of a thrown item when throwing.
Image 1400 12 Creates illusory images of yourself to absorb attacks for you.
Fuma Shuriken 1000 14 Throws a Fuma Shuriken at an enemy.
Mirage 1400 15 Greatly increases your evasion by surrounding yourself in an illusory mist.
Futae 1500 15 Absorbs your shadows into your body, restoring some MP.
Kakka 1700 18 Consumes your shadows to throw shadow versions of items instead of the real ones for a time.
Yagyu Darkness 1500 18 Throws a Yagyu Darkness at an enemy.
Tonko Ni 2000 20 Surrounds you with shadows, reducing damage done by enemy abilities. Lasts longer than Tonko.
Illusions 2500 23 Shadows link an enemy to its allies, causing a portion all damage done to spread to its allies.
Counter Abilities
SOS Haste 300 Grants the effects of Haste when below 50% HP.
Abandon 400 Increases your evasion when you are hit and generates a shadow.
Inherent Abilities
Two Swords 900 Allows you to equip two weapons, one in each hand, while in any job.
Passive Abilities
Throw 200 Increases the potency of your throw abilities.
Eblan's Legacy 800 6 Increases the potency of Flame, Flood, and Blitz.
Lingering Shadows 1000 10 Increases the maximum number of shadows you can generate.
Secrets of Eblan 2400 12 Increases the base potency of Flame, Flood, and Blitz.