For groups of players level 125 and up.

Odin, the Lord of Espers is an extremely strong foe which can be encountered somewhere in the world. At level 100, players can challenge him to combat, but a much higher level is recommended to defeat him.

Odin drops a variety of extremely powerful equipment when killed. There are 8 different items in total. One randomly chosen item will drop to the ground, allowing the victors to decide amongst themselves who gets to keep it. The item is untradable once picked up. Be sure not to leave the room without picking up the item - you will not be allowed back in.

This battle is designed for a minimum of three players in a group, but up to five players can participate in this battle. The difficulty of the battle increases if more than three people are fighting.

You may defeat the Odin once per reboot.

Odin uses the following status effects: Petrify, Slow, Disease


Odin's Rewards
Item Name STR AGI VIT WIS WIL LVL CY Item Type Anima Effects
Gungnir 280 0 180 100 0 0 129 Lance None +MAtt, Power Jump, 0/7/7/7/0
Zantetsuken 280 0 0 140 200 0 131 Sword None @Demi/@Raw, ?/0/0/0/?, Melee attacks deal no damage
Lunar Crystal Armor 250 0 200 0 130 0 127 Armor None Blindproof, Silenceproof, Berserkproof, 0/0/0/0/10
Genji Gloves 230 140 200 0 140 0 130 Bracelet Flame Impproof, DAproof, +Evade
Demon Hat 0 0 160 300 180 0 130 Hat Tone Impproof, Miniproof, 0/0/0/10/0
Stardust Robe 0 0 140 200 270 0 130 Robe None Sleepproof, DAproof, 0/0/0/30/0
Devil King Shield 200 0 280 0 100 0 129 Shield None +Block, Auto-Veil, double MP costs, Fire/Ice/Lightning Ward (65%)
Rebirth Ring 0 0 0 0 0 120 120 Accessory None Grants Re-raise once, then disappears

Confirmed Spawn LocationsEdit

Blackbird, Save Point Library of Ancients, Top South Figaro Duncan's House Midgar, A Split in the Road Matango, Truffle's room
Death's Peak, Save Point North Mountain, Save Point Triangle Island, Save Point Junon, locker room Northtown, Path to Ruins
Geno Dome, Save Point Pirate Lair, Captain's Room Narshe, Ice Maze Fort Condor, Condor Nest Potos, center
Millenial Fair, Entrance Ship Graveyard, First Save South Figaro, Mansion Basement Costa del Sol, Johnny's House Sea Hare Island
Zeal Palace, Save Point Big Bridge, Xdeath Castle Ancient Caves, Save Point MT Nibel, Save Point Moon Palace, Ferry
Magic Cave, Opening Ship Graveyard, Second Save Mt Zozo, Save Point Gelnika, Save Point Water Palace, west
Black Omen, The Nu's Shop and Save Catapult, w s Lete Underground River, Save Point Gi Caves, all n all w in mid section Shade Palace, Entrance
Giant's Claw, end of west path Wind Shrine, Save Point Sunken Returners' Hideout, Save Point Chocobo Ranch, A chocobo pen Mana Fortress, n w from Flammie
Sewer Access, by the stars Lix, Inside the House Narshe Mine, Save Point Gongaga Village, Mayor's House Pure Land, first entrance
Impact Site of Lavos Phoenix Cave, Save PointBone Village, Climbing the RocksIce Forest, with Neko
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