The Pink Puff is a mob which randomly spawns in any room that was previously loaded during the MUD's last cycle (repop). It is a MUD Event and will be announced to every online player, indicating what room it is in by listing the room's short description.

Spawn Example A Pink Puff has been sighted in The center of Elsendor!

There are some rules that apply to the Pink Puff event. The first player to reach the Pink Puff earns the right to make the kill, and acquire the Pink tail that the Pink Puff drops upon dying. However, if a player reaches the Pink Puff and leaves the room, and does not re-enter the room before another player enters, they have lost the right to kill the Pink Puff.

If a player reaches the Pink Puff and does not make the kill, another player may kill the Pink Puff once the first player to reach the room has begun to idle. Pink tails can be used in the Elsendor Fur Shop to buy unique items, such as the Thug Cloak and Guard Ring.

Locations Random Location

Scanner Data
Desc A Pink Puff
HP 1 MP ? XP 0 Level {{{mob_lv}}}
C. Types ?
Weak ?
Resist ?
Immune ?
Absorb ?

Items and Abilities
Drop Pink tail (100%) Steal None Secret Hunt None
Lore None
Abilities Berserk


  • The Pink Puff spawn message will repeat several times to remind players where the Pink Puff has randomly appeared. The spawn message repeats roughly every 30 seconds. After a certain number of reminders, the Pink Puff will run away.