Plague uses six-turn Countdown. It will Haste itself on the first turn, so it will become three-turn Countdown. The first attack will deal 25% damage. The second will deal 75% damage. The third will instantly kill you. Leaving the room does not reset Countdown. Most players will be unable to ever kill this boss, even at max level. There is no reason to kill it, unless attempting to Poach.

Note: Not to discredit this information, but there are strategiesthat help, slow works well, not immune to silence, and can reflect the haste for yourself. Also, you can survive 3 being 25%, 50%, and 75%.

Locations Lunar Subterrane

Scanner Data
Desc Plague floats here, filling the room with a horrible aura.
HP 775,000 MP 8,000 XP 1,950,000 Level 200
C. Types Flying, Demon
Weak None
Resist None
Immune Gravity, Small, Sleep, Stop, No Act, Poison, Petrify
Absorb None

Items and Abilities
Drop None Steal None Secret Hunt None
Lore None
Abilities Countdown, Haste