Chocobo Racing is a mini-game that can be played with chocobos that you have bred and raised.

Each turn of the race, you will move along the track, and you will encounter course events along the way to the finish line. Chocobos will consume 1 stamina every turn that they are in the race, regardless of their current speed. If your chocobo runs out of stamina during the race, it will become fatigued, and only be able to move half as fast as it normally can.

Race Courses are comprised of different course events. Each event has a specific effect, and can be mitigated by acting in a certain way.

Hazard Description
Oil Pool These will splash and blind you if are moving too fast through them.
Jump Ramp You'll need to be going fast enough to make it across, or you'll fall and lose some speed.
Sharp Turn If you are going too fast, you'll run off the track and slow down. Drifting is a good way to get through these.
Monster Trap Taking any action while passing through these will trigger a trap that slows you down.

Races are run at quarter past the hour and quarter to the hour in the Chocosquare of Gold Saucer. An announcement will be made on the 'gs' channel when registration opens, which is five minutes before the race begins. If you are not in the Chocosquare when the race starts, you will be removed from the race.

The chocobo racing interface will use the following colors, if you have them set:

Each race is run on a specified course, and the courses are divided into different Cups. Courses in the Bronze Cup are shorter, and the Platinum Cup are longer. The general level of racers is lower in Bronze Cup races, though there are no rules against a beginner entering a Platinum Cup race, or a superstar entering a Bronze Cup race.

Item Boxes are also found on race courses. Each item that is obtained from an Item Box has a specific effect.

Item Description
FIRE Launch a fire spell at the racer in front of you, slowing them down.
QUAKE Launch an earth spell backwards, slowing down the racer behind you.
HASTE Use a haste spell to dramatically increase your speed.
DOOM Cast a deadly curse forward. The curse will count down, and upon hitting zero, will stop the victim in its tracks. The curse will be passed off if the target passes or is passed by another racer.
MINI Cast a spell minimizing the target ahead of the caster. The mini status will reduce the maximum speed.
FLOAT Cast a spell causing the caster to float above the ground for a short time, skipping course events.
BARRIER Cast a spell causing the caster to be surrounded by a barrier, protecting them from being affected by spell effects.
LIMIT BREAK Unleash the racer's potential, dramatically increasing its speed and protecting it from negative effects.
GUNBLADE Wield a gunblade, reducing the speed of the next racer the user passes.
GRAVITY Cast a spell causing the target to be weighed down, decreasing their ability to accelerate. This will also slow down Flying racers.

Players can customize their racing prompt using the 'chocobo' command with the prompt argument. You can order as many or as few of the following values as you like:

So, running the command with the following arguments:

chocobo prompt stamina place item

Will display your Stamina first, then your current place, then your item.

Racing Rewards
Rank Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Exp Coins Exp Coins Exp Coins Exp Coins
1 200 75 400 125 1,250 250 8,000 400
2 150 50 300 75 1,000 120 5,000 200
3 125 30 200 50 500 75 3,000 125
4 100 15 150 25 250 40 1,500 60
5 100 15 150 25 250 40 1500 60
6 100 15 150 25 250 40 1500 60
7 75 10 100 20 200 30 750 50
8 75 10 100 20 200 30 750 50
9 75 10 100 20 200 30 750 50
10 50 5 75 10 100 15 125 20
11 50 5 75 10 100 15 125 20
12 50 5 75 10 100 15 125 20

Course Rank Details
Lindblum Theater Run Bronze
Corneria Highway Bronze
Fabul Training Grounds Bronze
Gulg Volcano Raceway Silver Fire
Troia River Circuit Silver Water
Bur-Omisace Ascent Silver Mountain
Great Glacier Descent Silver Ice
Mt. Nibel Loop Gold Mountain
Balamb Turnpike Gold Water
Bervenia Pass Gold Fire
Galbadia Junction Platinum Mountain, Water
Agart Gauntlet Platinum Fire, Mountain
Cathuriges Mineshaft Platinum Fire, Water

The following are commands that can be used during the race:

(a)ccelerate - Increase your speed.
(d)ash - Dash forward, using a lot of stamina.
(o)rder - Show current race order
(h)elp - Display this message
d(r)ift - Slow down temporarily and dash forward two turns later.
(i)tem - Use your item
(c)ancel - Cancel your next action
s(k)ip - Skip item boxes as long as you have your current item
quit - Forfeit the race