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Though he may be defeated, rumors abound of a familiar figure haunting the Ancient City, waiting for any to come pray at the heart of the ruined city.

To test your mettle against the remnant of Sephiroth, pray at the heart of the Ancient City where the last of the Cetra fell.

Sephiroth may only be killed once per reboot.

This is a solo battle.  It is not possible to party with other players.

s; ff7; out; airship; say bone village; bone; n; nw; ladder; n; forest; n; n; n; n; n; n; n; n; n; n; house; down; down; pray

Make sure you don't have "pray" aliased to something.

Scan Edit

Locations Forgotten City

Scanner Data
Desc Sephiroth, the One-Winged Angel
HP 800,000 MP 80,000 XP 4,500,000 Level 200
C. Types Humanoid
Weak None
Resist None
Immune Dischord, Poison, Silence, Small, Imp, Sleep, Stop, Berserk, Noact, Gravity, Curse, Hpleak, Nomove, Petrify
Absorb None

Items and Abilities
Drop Jenova Cells Steal None Secret Hunt None
Lore None
Abilities Octaslash (Physical x4)

Shadow Flare (Dark)
Firaga Wall (Fire)
Heaven's Light (Holy)
Hell's Light (Poison/Slow)
Hell's Gate (Physical)
Heartless Angel (HP & MP set to 1)

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