Prerequisites: Quest, Level 50

Weapons: Sword, Knightsword, Materiablade Armor : Hat, Helm, Clothes

Soldier is primarily a physical attack job, though a couple skills are magic-based. Soldiers use the momentum from the damage that they recieve to surpass their physical limitations and deal more powerful attacks; most Soldier abilities increase in power when the user has low HP. Soldier abilities require a sword, knightsword, katana or materiablade to use. They are most effective with a materiablade.

Two of soldier's attacks, Blade Beam and Cherry Blossom, deal strength-based magical damage. Damage for these skills is calculated using strength, not wisdom, but is also improved by equipment and buffs that improve your magic attack power. Your enemy's magical defense, not physical defense, is used to determine how much damage you do with these skills.


In years past, Shinra's organization of genetically enhanced supersoldiers, known as SOLDIER, was made up of powerful warriors who were exposed to mako energy, and injected with cells from the alien being called Jenova. One of the greatest SOLDIERs of Shinra passed down his blade to Cloud Strife on the outskirts of the city of Midgar, which today lies in ruins. Now, Shinra seeks to uncover the secret laboratories of its own scientists in order to start this process again and create new members of SOLDIER, but Cloud is watching...

Players who have completed "Don't Step on the Flowers!" and "Yeowza!" can seek out Cloud Strife in Midgar, Sector 6, after reaching level 50 and undertake the mission to earn access to become a SOLDIER.

 Command Ability: limit
  • Braver ---------- Base AP: 150
 Leaps into the air and slashes an opponent with your blade, sometimes

inspiring bravery in you and your target.

  • Cross Slash ----- Base AP: 250
 Strikes your opponent four times, dealing significant damage with a chance to


  • Blade Beam ------ Base AP: 400
 Strikes an enemy with a magical energy bolt, then hits other enemies for less


  • Climhazzard ----- Base AP: 600
 A defense-piercing attack that works best on enemies that are already


 Requirements: Job Level 6
  • Meteorain ------- Base AP: 675
 Releases a hail of meteors down at your opponents.
 Requirements: Job Level 8
  • Finishing Touch - Base AP: 750
 Releases a whirlwind to drop enemies from the sky, crippling them.
 Requirements: Job Level 10
  • Omnislash ------- Base AP: 1250
 Strikes an enemy repeatedly through a powerful battle aura.
 Requirements: Job Level 12
  • Cherry Blossom -- Base AP: 900
 Projects a wave of magical energy through the room.
 Requirements: Job Level 14
  • Aura ------------ Base AP: 10000
 Grants you the counterattack Limit Break without having to set it.
 Requirements: Job Level 18
 Counter Ability
  • Limit Break ----- Base AP: 2000
 Gives you a limit gauge which raises your attack and magic attack once it


 Inherent Ability
  • Overdrive ----- Base AP: 800
 Increases your max HP, but you cannot heal the extra HP and are always injured.
 Requirements: Job Level 8