Prerequisites: Level 60, Quest

Weapons: Staff, Rod, Whip, Book, Pole Armor : Hat, Clothes, Robe

Sorcerer is a powerful magical attack job. A Sorcerer's magic comes from a darker origin than that of a Wizard, and its most dangerous spells are dark-elemental.

Sorcerers rely on their counterattack, Barrier Change, to provide them with elemental barriers that both defend against enemy spells and strengthen their own attacks. Though Barrier Change gives unpredictable results, it can be influenced by using Barrier Shift in an emergency. By dropping their barrier through the use of Dark Arts, Sorcerers gain access to their strongest ability, Dark Matter - but this is a risk, as it makes them vulnerable.


A powerful sorcerer-prophet from ages past may teach you if you speak to him.

If you have the Holy Knight job or the Cleric job, you cannot also have the Sorcerer job. See also 'help cleric_or_sorcerer'.

  Command Ability: darkmagic
* Barrier Changing - Base AP: 3000
  Grants you the counterattack Barrier Change without having to set it. 
* Barrier Shift ---- Base AP: 100
  Shifts the element of your barrier from Barrier Change.
* Melt ------------- Base AP: 400
  Erupts a storm of fire across the area.
* Absolute Zero ---- Base AP: 400
  Calls forth a massive blizzard to freeze the battlefield.
* Luminaire -------- Base AP: 400
  Purges the area with a sphere of lightning.
* Dark Mist -------- Base AP: 400
  Enshrouds enemies in billows of darkness.
* Dark Bomb -------- Base AP: 400
  Launches an explosion of dark energy at one opponent.
* Dark Arts -------- Base AP: 4000
  Sacrifices your elemental defenses to let you use Dark Matter.
  Requirements: Job Level 10
* Dark Matter ------ Base AP: 800
  Vaporizes foes with dark energy from beyond space and time.
  Requirements: Job Level 10
* Magic Wall ------- Base AP: 300
  Protect one party member with Shell, reducing magic damage.
  Requirements: Job Level 12
* Black Hole ------- Base AP: 2000
  Dispel positive status effects from all enemies.
  Requirements: Job Level 14
* Focus ------------ Base AP: 1000
  Increases your party's magic attack.
  Requirements: Job Level 16
  Counter Ability
* Barrier Change - Base AP: 1500
  Gives you elemental barriers that empower sorcerer spells.
  Passive Ability
* Black Wind - Base AP: 500
  Increases the power of Dark Bomb and Dark Matter.
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