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   Squire is the most basic starting job which all characters begin in. Though initially very weak, at high job levels it gains useful support abilities to boost one's power. At higher job levels, Squire gains the ability to equip additional weapon and armor types.
Command basicskill Requirements
  • None

Weapons Armor

Squire Abilities (basicskill)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Dash 80 Tackles the enemy for a small amount of damage.
Throw Stone 80 Throws a rock at the enemy for a small amount of damage.
Heal 150 Cures poison, blindness, and silence.
Reflex 500 Increases party's evasion.
Cheer 500 Increases party's attack and defense.
Accumulate 300 Increases the user's attack power.
Wish 500 6 Restores a moderate amount of health and slowly lose some of that restored health over the next few rounds.
Cheer Up 800 12 Increases a target's strength, defense, and magic defense.
Yell 1000 15 Increases the target's agility.
Scream 1500 18 Increases the user's attack, magic attack, defense, magic defense, strength, and agility.
Counter Abilities
Counter Tackle 20 Retaliates when attacked, dealing a little damage.
Inherent Abilities
Equip Axe 170 Allows you to equip an axe while in any job.
Gained AP UP 200 Increases the amount of AP you gain from kills.
Passive Abilities
Equip Robe N/A 8 Allows you to equip Robes while in Squire.
Equip Helm N/A 10 Allows you to equip Helms while in Squire.
Equip Armor N/A 12 Allows you to equip Armor while in Squire.
Equip Shield N/A 15 Allows you to equip Shields while in Squire.
Equip Knight Sword N/A 18 Allows you to equip Knight Swords while in Squire.

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