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  Swordsman is a strength-based attack job. Powerful new sword techniques are gained as it progresses in job levels, letting the job become more and more powerful. Swordsman abilities require a sword, knightsword, katana or materiablade to use.

  A swordman's key ability is Charge, which allows them to build up power for several rounds and then release it in a powerful attack. While building up power, a swordsman can still use abilities from other jobs.


In the ruins of Doma Castle, a man whose skill with a sword is matched by none, Cyan Garamonde, wanders in sorrow.
Players who have finished the mission "All Aboard!" in the Phantom Train can find him in Doma Castle and undertake the mission to become a Swordsman.
Command swdtech Requirements



Swordsman Abilities (swdtech)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Charge 500 Increases the power of Swordsman skills after charging up.
Dispatch 250 Uses a swift attack against a single target.
Slash 400 Rends the enemy in two, halving its HP and causing damage over time.
Cyclone 800 Lets lose a sweeping attack that hits all nearby enemies.
QuadraSlam 550 6 Slashes random enemies with four powerful strokes.
Empowerer 800 8 Uses an ancient sword technique to steal an enemy's health and magic.
Spincut 600 10 Targets one foe with a decisive blow.
QuadraSlice 1000 12 Slashes random enemies with four extra-powerful strokes.
Confuse 1300 16 Slashes wildly at an enemy.
Stunner 1200 16 Uses a wide slash across the area with the potential of halting enemies.
Cleave 1500 18 Inflicts a devastating area-attack that slashes all enemies.
Counter Abilities
Retort 500 Counters with a physical strike.
Passive Abilities
Fang 1200 Increases damage of single-target attack skills.
Tempest 1200 Increases damage of random-target attack skills.
Oblivion 1200 Increases damage of area-target attack skills.
Overcharge 10,000 14 Grants a chance to charge faster, based on your critical hit rate.