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Temple Knight
   Temple Knights are divine warriors who channel their magic through their swords. Temple Knight is primarily a will-based and vitality-based status attack job. A Temple Knight's status effects are more accurate than Oracle spells, and do not reflect, but lack Oracle's extra status-inflicting capabilities such as Ritual and Vanish. In place, Temple Knights do heavy, unresistable damage based on how much damage they've taken and how much damage the enemy has taken, and have high defense and HP. Temple Knight skills require a sword or knightsword to be equipped.
Command magicsword Requirements



Temple Knight Abilities (magicsword)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Blindness 100 Blinds the enemy, decreasing its accuracy.
Sleep 170 Puts the enemy to sleep while you wail on it.
Silence 270 Silences the target, preventing it from casting magic.
Zombie 300 Turns the target into a zombie, making it take damage from curative skills.
Don't Act 300 Paralyzes the enemy, preventing action.
Taunt 400 Provokes an enemy, increasing the likelihood they'll attack you instead of other party members.
Break 600 Petrifies the enemy, effectively removing it from combat for a while.
Dispel 600 Removes any beneficial status effects the target has, such as haste or shell.
Drain 350 Drains HP from target and gives it to you.
Aspel 400 Drains MP from target and gives it to you.
Shock! 600 Deals damage based on how much damage the user has taken.
Smite 750 12 Finishing move that deals damage by removing ailments from the enemy.

Damage = ((Base + #ofStatus)Missing HP%)RankModifier Diminishing returns after 3 Debuffs & not affected by +Att/+MAtt