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Mission Information
Name The Light of Judgement
Zone Tzen Mansion Min Level 52
Prerequisites None
Start Location Tzen, Talk to Hysterical Woman
XP 527,000 Fame 28
Objective Defeat 200 monsters in the Tzen Mansion and return to the hysterical woman outside the mansion.
Objective Defeat the Cultist of Kefka in the town of Tzen.

Head up to the Tzen Mansion and talk to the hysterical woman outside. She'll ask you to kill 200 monsters inside to help save her son. There's 69 monsters, so that's 3 repops to clear it. Once you're done, you'll be told to deal with a Cultist of Kefka in town. He's a bit east of the mansion and up, then north some more. This guy can be annoying, he absorbs holy, resists all status ailments, and will occasionally dispel your buffs. Once he is defeated, you will get your reward.