The Menagerie is a location where you can trade Poaches for a fight which will earn you Fur Points and Gold.

You may only challenge one monster per reboot.

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The challenge categories are: novice, amateur, contender, champion, and unique

Additionally, when you have the mission "Monster Hunter World", you may challenge the "special" tier until you achieve victory.

Upon buying a ticket, you can challenge that tier as many times as you want until you defeat it. There is no penalty for dying in the Menagerie fights. When you win a Menagerie fight, you cannot challenge another one until the next reboot.


Challenge: Sleep Sprout, Espada, Tanket, Abyss Worm, Hornet, or Stratoavis

Reward: Around 200 FP, 1,000 Gold


Challenge: Vidatu, Sleep Sprout, Espada, Stratoavis, Jormungand, or Kottos

Reward: around 400 FP, 2,000 Gold


Challenge: Earth Eater, Catoblepas, King Bomb, Juggernaut, One-Eye, or Jumbo Flan

Reward: Around 5,000 FP, 6,000 Gold

Beware of the Jumbo Flan. It is immune to physical attacks. Bring some form of raw damage if you can.


Challenge: Don Tonberry, Neslug, Ironclad, Fafnir, Fenrir, or Abaddon

Reward: Around 14,000 FP, 20,000 Gold


Challenge: Nova Dragon, Doomtrain, or Th'uban

Reward: Around 20,000 FP, 24,000 Gold

The Nova Dragon is a lightning-based superboss. It absorbs lightning and attacks itself with Thundaga every turn, healing itself for about 7,000 HP, in addition to using another attack on you. If the boss survives 10 rounds, the storm gains maximum power and the boss will start using devastating non-elemental magical attacks, as well as healing itself for more HP every round (around 16,000). It can inflict one-round Petrify and has a Shatter skill which will usually result in an instant kill. It can also inflict poison. In order to have a chance of beating this boss, you should be able to deal at least 25,000 damage per round on average to deal damage through its healing. Level 150 is probably typical to be able to kill the Nova Dragon if you have a high-damage primary job and high VIT and defenses; many character types may need to be much higher level. This is one of the most difficult bosses available in the game.

Try using a Venetian Shield or Zeidrich to protect against most elemental attacks (this only helps when the Storm is not fully charged) and Water Eater can heal from its Aqua Rake. If you deal 30k or so and can survive 10 rounds without healing, you can probably kill it before it enters the second phase. If you can't, you'll need to out-damage its strong healing and survive the strong attacks. Having a powerful auto attack and high agility will help with this.


Requirement: Mission

Challenge: Chimerageist

Reward: Around 150 FP, 1000 Gold, Mission Completion

This is easier than Novice tier.