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Mission Information
Name The Missing Queen
Zone Cathedral Min Level 16
Prerequisites The Queen Returns
Start Location Guardia Castle(600 AD) or Truce (600 AD), Talk to Lucca.
XP 19,000 Fame 22

Objective 1 Search for clues to the whereabouts of Queen Leene at the Cathedral in 600 A.D. The Cathedral is located to the west of Truce.
Objective 2 Defeat the Naga-Ettes that posed as nuns.
Objective 3 Kill monsters infesting the Cathedral to find out where Queen Leene is being held.
Objective 4 Queen Leene is being held at the far end of the Cathedral. Hurry there and save her.
Objective 5 Defeat Yakra.
Objective 6 Open the chest in Yakra's room.
Objective 7 Return to Guardia Castle and speak to Queen Leene.
Objective 8 Head up to the Queen's Room in Guardia Castle to see if you managed to save Marle.
Objective 9 Travel back to the gateway portal in Truce Canyon.
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