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  Thief is an agility-based job. Thieves use their quick reflexes and wit to steal from enemies and perform tricky attacks with what they've stolen.

   While the job starts out with randomized abilities that are difficult to control, players get more and more reliable tools as they gain job levels as a Thief. Thief abilities use agility to calculate attack power, even when wielding a strength-based weapon like a sword.

   Two major sources of equipment for players are from thief abilities:

Steal Equipment and Secret Hunt. These abilities are useful to all players.

   By going to Baku of Tantalus (e; e; n; e) from the center of Elsendor the player can undertake missions once per reboot to obtain a lead on items pilferable from various monsters in the MUD.

Command theft Requirements



Thief Abilities (theft)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Flee 100 Disengage from combat with all enemies.
Lucky Seven 180 Deals highly random damage to the target
Steal 800 Steal a combat item that thieves can use. Can hold one item at a time.
Different types of enemies are more likely to carry different items.
Toss 500 Uses a combat item stolen with Steal.
Steal Equipment 800 Steal equipment from a monster. You must have learned about the equipment from Tantalus, and only certain monsters have equipment. Otherwise you will steal a chemist item.
See also: help tantalus
Steal Coins 600 10 Steal gold coins from an enemy.  30 second cooldown.
Coin Toss 800 10 Throw coins stolen with Steal Coins, dealing raw damage to a target.
Pilfer MP 500 14 Steal MP from an enemy.
Free Energy 1400 14 Deal damage based on how much MP you last stole with Pilfer MP.
Luck 1500 18 Grants more critical hits and dodges, and improves success of thief skills.
Thievery 2500 23 Deals physical damage based on number of successful steals since last use.
Counter Abilities
Evade 100 Increases evasion when hit.
Inherent Abilities
Secret Hunt 800 Possibly poaches slain monsters for fur, used in the Elsendor Furshop.
See 'help furshop' for more information.
Passive Abilities
Mug 400 21 Upgrades Steal, Steal Coins and Pilfer MP to also deal physical damage.

Steal and Toss Items
Steal Effect
Al bhed Potion Medium Heal and Esuna on your party.
Chocobo Wing Casts Haste on your party.
Healing Spring Casts Esuna on your party.
Artic Wind Single Ice damage on a single enemy.
Bomb Core Single Fire damage on a single enemy.
Dragon Scale Single Water damage on a single enemy.
Lightning Marble Single Lightning damage on a single enemy.
Frag Grenade Damages all engaged enemies, and inflicts Defense Down.
Silence Grenade Damages all engaged enemies, and inflicts Silence.
Smoke Bomb Damages all engaged enemies, and inflicts Blind.
Thief Grenade Damages all engaged enemies.
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