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Time Mage
   Time Mage is a magical job which uses the powers of space and time to attack foes and shift reality. Most abilities are wisdom-based.
Command timemagic Requirements



Time Mage Abilities (timemagic)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Haste 100 Speeds up a target.
Slow 100 Slows a target down.
Demi 250 Halves the target's life with the force of gravity.
Mini 400 Shrinks the enemy, reducing its physical offense and defense.
Reflect 300 Makes magic spells bounce off of the target.
Immobilize 100 Prevents the enemy from leaving the room.
Float 200 Allows your party to levitate, granting earth resistance but wind weakness.
Comet 200 Summons a comet from outer space to hit the enemy
Chaos Stream 330 Spins enemies around on a clock, sometimes stopping one of them.
Comet2 600 8 Summons a comet storm to hit random enemies
Invisible 500 8 Increases a target's evasion.
Haste2 400 10 Speeds up the entire party.
Slow2 400 10 Slows down all enemies.
Warp 1000 12 Returns your party to the center of Elsendor.
Stop 800 12 Prevents a target from acting or moving.
Speed 500 12 Improves the agility of your party.
Undo 500 14 Two rounds after being cast, your HP/MP return to what they were when Undo was cast.
Old 500 16 Curses an enemy with old age, lowering its overall stats.
Meteor 1000 16 Slams a giant meteor down from outer space.
Graviga 1600 18 Cuts a target's life force to 1/4 with the force of gravity.
Countdown 800 20 Begins a countdown, dealing massive area damage after 5 rounds.
Galaxy Stop 2500 21 Prevents all enemies from acting or moving.
Doomsday 1500 23 Bring about the end times, damaging all enemies and allies.
Inherent Abilities
Extend 600 6 Increases the duration of buffs and ailments you cast.
Passive Abilities
Red Star 8000 17 Increases the number of hits done by Comet and Comet 2.